Stretches the lower back and goodbye to pain!

If you’ve ever had lower back pain, you probably wouldn’t want it to happen again. To avoid pinching in this delicate area of ​​the lower back, there is no choice but to strictly follow the procedure for stretching the lower back. You only need a few minutes a day to strengthen the muscles in this part of the body and thus avoid problems.

Estiramientos zona lumbar

Low back pain, one of the most common diseases

Low back pain or low back pain occurs quite frequently in the population. The reality is that virtually no one is immune to experiencing this ailment at some point in their life. Of course, by doing a series of lower back stretches, you can minimize the risk of suffering.

The causes of this ailment are numerous, from long sitting, poor posture, weight loss or excess weight to vertebral displacement.

How to counter this? For example, say goodbye to a sedentary life, sit well, and maintain a strong core. But stretches are often done for the lower back as well. This way, you never have to walk hunched over again!

5 lower back stretches

The moment of truth has arrived! Below are 5 pretty simple lower back stretches you can do at home when you have a few minutes a day.

1. Cobra

You will understand the reason for the name of this exercise better when you start doing it. To do this, place your face on the mat with your hands on the floor. Then push the log as far as possible by pushing the ground with your hands. Hold for a few seconds and return to the starting position. This exercise is similar to May water for the lower back.

2. Bridge

Another time we discussed the benefits of a bridge. The good news is that this is a fairly complete stretch, hence it is solely for strengthening the lumbar spine. To do this, lie on the floor with your arms extended on either side of your thigh. Support your feet and begin to lift your pelvis until your body (from shoulders to knees) forms a straight line. Make sure your belly is constantly contracting.

3. Fetal position

It is good to massage the lower back. It’s as easy as lying on a mat and bending your knees towards your chest. Keep them until you reach the fetal position. Then move your lower back slightly to the right and left until your lower back relaxes.

4. Crossing legs

Another exercise we recommend, which is also performed on the mat, also has a positive effect on your buttocks. Lie down and cross one leg over the other, while simultaneously pulling strongly on your thigh. Of course, you will feel tension, but also strong relief in the sciatic nerve. Do several reps with each leg.

5. Egg position

Finally, we come to one of the nicest areas of the lower back. Get on your knees and sit on your heels, pushing your entire torso forward. Touch your head to the rug as you extend your arms. Without a doubt, this is the best exercise to complete your workout.

Don’t forget to wear sportswear that is super comfortable so you can do your stretches without any problems. You will also need a mat for all these exercises.

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