5 exercises to strengthen your knees

No one is immune from knee pain. This happens at any age and physical condition. As for the reasons, they can be different: from osteoarthritis or overweight to sports of a certain intensity. This is one of the joints that we use most often in our daily life, so no one is exempt from suffering discomfort in some cases. In this context, knee strengthening exercises are especially important. Learn how to pamper yourself so that no pain gets in the way of your daily routine.

Ejercicios para fortalecer las rodillas

Know the exercises that will help you strengthen your knees

1. Walking

One of the most complete exercises for strengthening the knees is the step. In a standing position, take one leg back as far as possible, bending the other at a 90 ° angle. Lower your back leg so that you would like to touch the floor with your knee. As a guideline, always keep your back straight and make sure your front knee does not exceed your toe. Do 3 or 4 sets of 10 movements with each leg.

2. Saddle Bridge

Lie on a mat and place your feet on a chair so that your feet form a 90 ° angle. With your arms extended on the floor, slowly raise your hips to raise your torso. Maintain this pose for a few seconds and gradually return to the starting position without actually resting your buttocks on the mat. Do 3 sets of 10 reps each.

3. Kneeling back

This time, kneel on the mat with your toes propped up. Keep your back straight, squeeze your stomach firmly and lean back, not forgetting about the breathing cycles. Another variation of this exercise is to bend while raising your arms so that your legs are much more intense. Return to the starting position and repeat this exercise 10-12 times to strengthen your knees. You can do 3 series as in the previous cases.

4. Separating legs with elastic

You will need an elastic band to complete this exercise. These accessories are extremely useful for strengthening your knees, so consider getting one if you don’t already have one. Buckle up to your knees and then lie on the mat on your side. Bend your lower leg, keeping your leg straight. Of course, increase it as much as possible, keeping in mind the tension of the elastic band. Do 10 or 12 reps for each leg.

5. Squats

We’ve already talked about squats on several occasions. And this is not only an exercise to strengthen the knees, but in fact it serves us for everything! Moreover, this is most likely the most favorable activity for a buttock lift, so you get a full 2 ​​× 1. To squat well, you need to take care of technique. Starting from a standing position, try to sit in an imaginary chair with your knees bent at a 90 ° angle. To see if you’re doing well, make sure your knees don’t go over the tips of your feet.

Finally, you can do the perfect exercise to relieve your knees and the tension built up during the session. Lie on a mat and bring your knees to your chest, hugging them. Hold this position for 30 seconds.

Now yes, now you can salute much stronger knees! Be sure to choose comfortable gym clothing that allows you to do all of these exercises.

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