What to eat before going to the gym?

You have already put on sportswear and sneakers. In short, you leave the house for a workout, but the question arises what to eat before going to the gym . This makes sense, as this is a debate that is divided between those who favor strong nutrition to sustain the intensity of the session and those who rely on not eating anything so that they don’t feel so heavy. Who is right? In the following lines, we will tell you about the best foods to energize your sports.

Qué comer antes de ir al gym

What to eat if you go to the gym in the morning

If you enjoy going to the gym and that the room is almost exclusively for you, it is very likely that you prefer to go in the morning. In that case, the first thing you should do is make yourself a good breakfast and, yes, wait at least an hour before heading off to your workout. It is very important that the appointment does not take place immediately before starting your exercise.

So what to eat before going to the gym? Coffee, fruit, yoghurt and oatmeal are not to be missed at breakfast. Another option is to bet on a whole toast with some eggs and some cheese, or avocado and turkey.

The idea is that the first meal of the day can provide 300 to 500 calories. It is important not to exceed these levels, so you should always choose satiating foods such as eggs. On the other hand, drinking coffee before exercise can help reduce muscle pain and promote recovery.

Also, make sure to drink at least half a liter of water before starting a session in the gym to stay well hydrated.

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What to eat if you go to the gym during the day

If you are busy with other things in the morning (work, university, library …), then perhaps you prefer to go to the gym in the afternoon, either after lunch, or before dinner. In this case, nutritional needs will be different.

If you decide to go to the gym after your meal, you should take care of the main meal of the day. We suggest you go for the classic protein and carbohydrate-based dish, but, yes, where there is no fat. The only ones that should be listed will be healthy fats. A great meal would be a plate with a chicken leg, stewed vegetables and rice. Fish and salads are also great options.

The advantage of choosing foods such as vegetables or fruits before going to workout is that they are slowly absorbed, which means that they stay in the gut for longer, giving us a greater sense of fullness. / p>

If you prefer to exercise just before lunch, we advise you not to go on an empty stomach. This will mean you go home and put the refrigerator back in place, so time at the gym will be counterproductive. It is always convenient to eat food. For example, take a handful of nuts or yogurt with oatmeal. This way, you won’t have to cook a hearty dinner when you get home.

We hope we have resolved your doubts about what to eat before heading to the gym. With batteries well charged. Now you just need to equip yourself with the most appropriate sports attire.

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