Benefits of Exercise Before Bed

In a day-to-day life full of commitment, it can sometimes be difficult to find a place to play sports. Hence, there are those who rely on exercise before bed. It’s as easy as booking a minute before bed. This time we’ll talk about the benefits of this practice, as well as some ideas for a complete workout.

4 reasons why you should exercise before bed

While it is true that this is a common practice for many people, many others argue that this is not a suitable method for them. Finally, this is an attempt to find out what works for each of us.

We offer you 4 reasons to add this habit to your nights.

1. Helps you fall asleep

If you have problems with insomnia, it is possible that exercising just before bed will help you fall asleep. Of course, it is advisable to wait about 60 minutes after you finish exercising until you go to bed, so that the body gradually relaxes and prepares for rest. Likewise, high intensity training is not recommended at this time of day.

2. Reduced risk of injury

Another interesting benefit of this practice is that the risk of injury is greatly reduced. In the morning, the muscles have not yet reached their peak, and at night – on the contrary, after an active day.

3. Say goodbye to stress

After a day of stress and responsibilities, there is nothing better than ending the day by banishing the stress. And there is nothing better than sports to release endorphins. You know, the so-called happiness hormones associated with well-being and pleasure.

4. Your concentration is higher

At the end of the day, there is less noise and more tranquility in the environment. Hence, you may be more motivated and more energetic to exercise. If you prefer to run, you have a whole street.

Night Workout Tips

Numerous studies have shown that those who exercise before bed enjoy a more restful sleep than those who do not exercise. Although yes, in order to take advantage of its benefits, it is advisable to follow certain rules.

First of all, it is advisable to be careful and perform exercises with appropriate clothing: good sneakers and comfortable clothes that will facilitate any movement, whether it be a tracksuit or leggings with a basic T-shirt.

In the second case, it is recommended to eat some food before bed to restore nutrients lost during exercise.

Also, as we mentioned, you should leave some time from the end of the session until you go to bed. This time should be longer, depending on the intensity of the exercise. Usually 1 hour is sufficient, although if the session was a little difficult wait at least 2 hours.

Remember to always stretch after your workout. Stretching should be done immediately after exercising. This will relax your muscles and prepare for sleep.

What to do with the exercises will depend on your goals and the amount of time you have .. However, an interesting routine for toning your body in 15 minutes can include squats (yes, make sure you do squats correctly), for example, irons and steps. Do 15 or 20 of each exercise. For squats, include jump squats if you like. If you have a mat handy, it doesn’t hurt to add abs and hip lift exercises.

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