Body Boy Benefits: Learn All About This Fashion Sport

Sports with music are infiltrating gyms, as this is another incentive in many cases to resist high intensity sessions. So it’s no surprise that disciplines such as zumba or bodybuilding are on the rise. In this case, we will tell you what it is and what the benefits of body fights are. We expect it to be a sport suitable for everyone, regardless of their physical condition. You have no more excuse!

Body combat beneficios

What body combat is made of

If martial arts and martial arts have always grabbed your attention, then body combat will surely defeat you from first grade. It is an aerobic activity that combines movements from different disciplines such as karate, tai chi, boxing, capoeira or taekwondo, among others, with music. Thus, the session goes through a variety of choreographies that include kicks, air kicks and other exercises to the rhythm of the most famous songs.

The presence of music undoubtedly contributes to the dynamic revitalization of classes. Best of all, being a high-intensity practice, it is ideal for toning the body.

It is normal that during the first lesson you feel exhausted, and then with tension in all the muscles in your body. Remember that while the movements seem random, they have their own technique. They mainly consist of punches and kicks, but they must be done correctly to avoid possible injury.

Due to the intensity of the sessions, this is not a recommended discipline for pregnant women and generally for those with a knee injury or osteoarthritis.

6 advantages in body combat

Now that you know what fighting with the body is, the best part comes: knowing what the benefits are. Put on your sportswear and sneakers and hit! Results will not be long in coming.

1. Helps You Burn Fat

If you are interested in losing weight, one of the formulas for this is to fight the body. In just one session (usually just under an hour) you can burn up to 800 calories. Combine your body’s struggles with a healthy and balanced diet and you will soon be able to shed those pounds that are holding you back.

2. You train your whole body

Another advantage of body combat is that it offers all-round training. This is not an activity that focuses on a specific muscle group, but your entire body works out in each session. This is ideal for tinting.

3. No stress

Get ready, because in every combat class you will be releasing a lot of adrenaline. Your heart will beat a thousand times an hour, so now you can say goodbye to stress. After the session, all your worries disappeared.

4. The sessions are very enjoyable

There are sports that, while they give you great results, are not quite what you would call fun. This does not happen with body fighting, as it is a very dynamic practice. Time will fly by, accompanied by music.

5. It contributes to your ability to resist and flexibility

It is possible that the first class of body fights looks like torture, but gradually you will see how you can during the session and much more. This discipline will increase your resistance by maintaining lung capacity. You also get flexibility.

6. Improves coordination

Another physical ability that will improve is coordination. Even if you don’t give it at first, you will soon be able to follow the class and perform any movements that appear.

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